NEMI: AI-enabled, Autonomic Management Platform for Beyond 5G Campus Networks

A Fraunhofer FOKUS Platform that enables network-aware edge-based data exchange and analytics 

We live in a data-driven economy and more and more information is generated every day. At the same time, modern information and communication technologies evolved to create the basis for highly efficient data ecosystems to support various applications and concepts such as machine learning. However, in order to allow for a reliable, real-time, secure and privacy-aware information exchange that comply with specific use case requirements, the capabilities and topologies of the underlying software-based infrastructure have to be taken into account. 

Operations Support Systems (OSS) for Beyond 5G Campus Networks require highest levels of automation, easy deployment and simplified methods for administration. NEMI (Network and Edge data Management Interface) provides the following key functionalities:

  • Easily deployable, scalable middleware facilitating the seamless exchange, discovery, access and storage of harmonized network monitoring data in real-time.
  • Autonomous, distributed and federated decision-making modules assisted by AI and equipped with contextual network data, continuously executing local and global control loops for network surveillance and performance prediction.
  • Flexible, 6G-ready and extensible framework for AI/ML-based network management plug-ins and agents for Beyond 5G Core, RAN and UE monitoring and control.
  • Intent-based network management interfaces for simplified administration.

NEMI alleviates the user from worrying about any complex network management related knowledge, manoeuvres or pre-requisites, thus elevating and placing the user at the level of making business decisions. Specifically, in the context of private and campus networks, operators can deploy the network without upfront knowledge required in administrating the system.

With the NEMI Toolkit, we address these challenges by leveraging our more than 20 years of in-house expertise in network convergence, artificial intelligence, and data visualization. NEMI establishes an open data-sharing substrate by tightly integrating into edge and communication environments. The maintained digital twins of the infrastructure enable distributed data sovereignty, extraction, exchange and analytics for AI driven use cases.

NEMI is a testbed-oriented platform that allows our customers to easily setup demonstrations that evaluate early R&D prototypes for data-oriented projects.