6G-Ready Campus Network Management

NEMI simplifies and automates Beyond 5G - Mobility Management, Network Performance Monitoring and QoS Assurance, Anomaly Detection and Fault-Management:

  • Various Edge Node Manager (ENMs) are distributed across relevant Beyond 5G RAN, UE and Core network elements, autonomously monitoring and managing network functions with the help of AI/ML and Closed Control Loops. 
  • Integrated Gateways assure data protection/security, curate (harmonize) aggregated data and exchange data with other ENMs as well as with Central Network Management Systems (CNM).
  • CNMs aggregates data from various, autonomous ENMs, provide functions for data logging and enable data discovery, data selection and data streaming through dedicated interfaces.
  • User Interfaces (UIs) serve for administration purposes and enables network managers to express their commands as human-readable intents.
  • For Mobility Management, ENMs are deployed on UEs, DUs and/or RAN Intelligent Controllers (RICs) and Access and Mobility Management Functions (AMFs)
  • For Quality of Service (QoS) management, ENMs are deployed on UEs and Network Exposure Functions (NEFs).
  • For Fault Management, ENMs are deployed across UEs, RAN and Core network functions, as well deployed as network taps on data as well as control path.
  • By distributing AI-enabled CCLs across B5G infrastructures, not only high levels of autonomy, but even more important, very low latency is realized, particularly important for dynamic scenarios in dense environments, where QoS and Mobility needs to be managed dynamically and seamlessly.
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