NEMI Why Us Graphic

Why us?

Built up on top of more than 20 years of experience, our research activities, have forged into a targeted process towards providing relevant research results in a timely and resourceful manner. Through the accompanying toolkits, we provide the means for easy implementation, evaluation, and demonstration of novel features using comprehensive, realistic, and intuitive testbeds.

Being part of an applied research organization, our team stands for providing systematic technology advancements towards the specifics of the R&D market. In all our research steps we are following and adapting flexibly to the requirements of the worldwide R&D market, as presented to us by our industry partners from all around the world: network operators, equipment providers, use case owners, integrators, and standardization organizations.

In order to be relevant towards the market and to provide at the same time cutting-edge results, our research activities have to be properly measured as technology quality and market appropriateness as well as future proof and quality of innovation. We can provide appropriate know-how and practical implementation for:

  • Initial demonstrations of the novel technologies and customization towards the use cases, motivating into an intuitive manner the need for research and technology adoption into specific areas;
  • Novel ideas, design, and specification through critical assessment of the available literature and a very large experience into the different domains within the network environment and their interaction including radio, core network, networking, backhaul, management, security, virtualization, etc.:
  • Technology gaps identification and further research paths selection based on future standardization directions, thus with high impact for the next deployed systems;
  • Development of novel concepts and their application towards novel architecture design and specification, IPR, standardization items, and implementation paths;
  • Initial prototyping in real environments, providing the means for easy implementation, evaluation, and demonstration in almost complete operator testbed of the new concepts, through this increasing the trust in novel technology as well as increasing the chances for discovering further innovation;
  • Integration, interoperability, and trials, as well as for an intuitive understanding of the potential of the existing technologies, by using highly flexible and highly customizable software implementations which provide comprehensive, stand-alone components with standard-based interfaces.
  • Product prototype and product implementation and its marketing activities, through very small-scale practical counterparts of the carrier-grade products to be developed.